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Roll Labels

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Create eye-popping roll labels

  • Various sizes available
  • 5 Shapes to choose from
  • 5 material options
  • 50 to 50,000+ in quantity
  • Best suited for high volume production

Roll labels for everything and everyone

These roll label stickers are the labeling super tool for putting your mark anywhere you want. Design custom product labels, in any quantity you need, for the e-commerce business you’ve been dreaming about.

Custom labels for indoor and outdoor use

Design labels with various materials and finishes for wet or dry goods. Display bar codes, QR codes, photos, custom fonts, and more with display labels that pop with personality. The labels come in a roll for convenience and for easy storage.

Designs for anything


When your sticker design is ready, upload your files and let us take care of the printing. Not a professional designer? No problem! Once we have the design elements, we’ll create your roll label to your specs. Give us an outline with all the details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Redesigning roll labels is a breeze with Canva. Just pick your design, add your extras, then click go. Your custom labels designed for your products and brands stand out. Professional results are as simple as a few clicks away.

The difference between paper and plastic roll labels?

Answer: Different roll label materials are better suited to various types of projects. When the sticker will not come into contact with liquid, white paper roll labels are ideal for indoor use. This is our conventional, cost-effective roll label sticker solution. Paper roll labels in silver and gold are coated with a coating that gives them a metallic lustre and increased durability. They can be used on items that will be stored in colder temperatures, such as fridges and freezers, in addition to indoor use with dry goods. Plastic roll labels are comprised of polypropylene, which makes them resistant to oil and water and a more durable solution for indoor and outdoor use. This is useful when labelling items that contain (or are exposed to) oil, lubricants, or frigid temperatures.

Are samples provided?

Answer: Unfortunately, samples are not provided. You can order a small batch of 25 or 50 pieces to see the quality of the print.

What option is best suited to be written on?

Answer: We recommend using paper labels for the purpose of writing on them. You will not be able to write on plastic labels.

What is the durability of custom roll labels?

Answer: White paper labels are a terrific, long-lasting solution for indoor use; assuming your sticker will not come into touch with fluids, you'll be OK. Paper labels in silver and gold look great on dry items and in frigid climates. If you plan to use your custom stickers on products containing (or exposed to) oil, lubricants, or cold temperatures, our plastic labels are both oil- and water-resistant. White vinyl is our most durable label material, and it has the same weather-resistant features as our plastic labels.

Do Roll labels come in silver or gold as well?

Answer: Yes, we do have options for silver and gold


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