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Double Sided Fabric Printing

Why do some fabrics have colour on either side while others lack it? Textile printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite designs or patterns creating both single and double-sided fabrics.

More About Double Sided Fabric Printing

Double-sided fabric prints are unique and highly sought after because they’re printed on both the front and backside, thus eliminating the need for sewing two prints together plus they include a layer between the two white substrates to block light, thus avoiding transparency.

Double Sided Fabric Printing Service

Double sided fabric printing service includes:

  • Fabric trade show booth
  • Wall fabric display
  • Banners
  • Table throws

Benefits of a Double Sided Fabric Printing Service

A double fabric printing service is essential because it will satisfy your diverse needs:

  • Many style options
  • No seeing through
  • Easy advertising

Are you worried about the quality of the fabric? Be calm; our humble staff members allow you to assess quality by holding the fabric up to a bright light. The thicker the fabric, the higher the quality and thick is what a double printed fabric is. Alternatively, a scrunch test can be helpful when testing if our double-sided fabric can stay wrinkled, well our material gets wrinkled therefore a promise of long-term use.

Getting Started

We provide easily accessible Double Sided Fabric Printing Service online so you can drop your request to get your double-sided print fabric made within the shorted time and delivered at your doorstep. Do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information about Double Sided Fabric Printing Service.

Product Details

Vector Smart Object copy

Standard Size

2" x 3.5"
Vector Smart Objec222t copy

Minimum Quantity

Vectoreeee Smart Object copy

Standard turnaround time

1 - 3 Business Days
128384 copy

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