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Saddle-Stitched Booklet Printing

Whether people recognize the term "saddle stitching" or not, chances are good that they have seen products utilizing this technique. This is because a saddle stitch is when the paper is folded up, placed so that each sheet is situated inside the next, and then stapled together through their centre line. Generally speaking, saddle-stitched booklets are held together using two staples, but it isn't uncommon for bigger printed products to need more to hold them together.

More About Saddle-Stitched Booklet Printing

When used by a trusted printing business, saddle-stitched booklets can come with a number of important upsides. For example, it costs less than competing options, meaning its an excellent choice for a customers with large runs in order to save on their over all costs. Likewise, saddle-stitched booklets are light-weight, meaning that even when they are crammed full of information, they won't cost an arm and a leg to send out.

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